Book 03: Optimal Carry

Maximum utility, minimum gear!

Maximum utility, with minimum gear. We apply that simple principle to:

  • Fire: No other animal has mastery - use it!
  • Water: A single item for hundreds of litres.
  • Cutting: Know your choil from your ricasso.
  • Sharpening: An in-the-field essential.
  • Sawing: Compact tools for fuel and shelter.
  • Levering (Prying): Don't snap your blade!
  • Torque (Twisting): If you can't screw screws, you're screwed.
  • Lighting: Learn why you need UV, red and white.
  • Magnification: From splinters to distant landmarks...
  • Multi-tools: Arguably the single most useful item.
  • Pocket Knives: More compact but almost as useful.
  • Navigation: The latest hybrid compasses.
  • Signalling: Easily get noticed and found.
  • Rope and Cord: There's more to life than paracord!

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