Book 02: Flexible Loadouts

Every day is different!™

There's a problem with fixed loadout EDC bags: Every day is different! 

Easily flex yours to suit journey variables:

  • Projected weather conditions.
  • Tools for transport problems.
  • Planned activities and tasks.
  • Journey duration and distance.

Our solution is a Flexible Loadout System:

  • Define simple functional units of gear.
  • Define simple units of food and drink.
  • Pre-pack and tag all the kits.
  • Empty and re-pack in a few minutes.

Tag these pre-packed modules so you can:

  • Allow quick identification and packing of required items.
  • Indicate dangerous items or those needing supervision.
  • Flag inventory which needs top-up or expiry date checks.


Our system doesn't need any fancy equipment. We define a simple, effective system to make familiar luggage systems more flexible.

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