Book 01: All Day Carry (ADC)

Wear what you need.™

If you can't access your bag you lose a big chunk of your EDC.

The answer is all day carry (ADC):

  • Wear maximum gear comfortably, with minimum bulk and visibility.
  • Create extra capacity for backups of vital items: One is none, two is one.
  • Move rigs simply between clothing items, storage or luggage.
  • Secure everything against theft or accidental loss.
  • Locate and deploy items quickly when needed.

Our solution is a Flexible Carry System:

  • Attach items flexibly, allowing them to self-adjust by bending and moving as you do.
  • Include detachment points for rigs, clusters and individual items.
  • Distribute items evenly among multiple rigs and clothing to de-bulk.

Our system doesn't need any fancy equipment. We've analyzed and combined existing belt, pouch, keychain and clothing systems.

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